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Online Meditation classes & retreats can help you decrease stress, boost focus, and improve resilience.

Online Course

Have you ever felt certain about something?

Cognitive science is now revealing that consciousness and intelligence are an integrated system that arises not just in the mind but throughout the body. Join us online and explore how meditating on the innerbody increases and brings online your conscious connection to the deep subconscious wisdom that permeates and connects every cell of your body. 


Innerbody Meditation Training

Come learn the meditation method recommended by Eckhart Tolle in his New York Times #1 Bestseller—The Power of NOW.

Online Retreat 

An online meditation experience focused on exploring the power of the heart—based on ancient wisdom and the latest in neuroscience and quantum physics.


Ongoing guided meditation classes, suitable for beginner through advanced. Excellent teachers. Pointers and stimulating discussions on mindfulness, consciousness, metaphysics.

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Meditation Meetup Groups

Ongoing Meetup Groups.  

High vibration music, guided meditations and more. A valuable resource providing support, learning and increased connection.

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