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The parenting event of the year…

How to Be a Conscious Parent

A life-changing day-long workshop with New York Times two-time bestselling author Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Master Innerbody Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, Constance Kellough.

Saturday, Nov. 17th, 2018

10 am - 5 pm

Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver

Early Bird tickets: $149

After October 17th: $195

Much Metta Meditation Training

Guided Meditation Training 

Unity of Vancouver
5840 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC

Friday September 14th  7pm - 9pm 
Saturday September 15th  10am - 5pm

Much Metta is a paradigm shifting meditation training program aimed at cultivating the heart wisdom of loving-kindness through the exploration of ones own heart.  Much Metta has been intentionally designed with new transformational techniques and practical tools that foster expansive inward stability, objectivity, and non-attachment.  

This deep dive, heart centred program is at the core based on the latest findings in neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness training and both mainstream and alternative medicine which primarily focuses on sharpening one’s capacity for compassion and empathy towards oneself and others.

Come join us and learn how to beat stress, slow aging and become much more effective at everything you do.  Metta Meditation offers these benefits and many more. However, in order to actually see these improvements in your life, you have to do it! This day and a half, deep dive program into the profound world of metta has been designed to help you break through all barriers and to help you discover the peace, happiness and joy you deserve.

Over the course of just a day and a half, you'll develop a solid foundation and learn: 

  #1  The many scientifically proven benefits of meditation, including the exact meditation practiced by Mathieu Ricard, who according to neuroscience—and brain scans—is the happiest man in the world

#2  How to distinguish between different types of meditation and find out which one is right for you 

#3  How to use the most popular meditation techniques 

#4  Answers to all the most common beginner questions 

#5  How meditation accelerates the evolution of consciousness

 #6  And how meditation ultimately gives you more time than it takes

Participants will be guided in meditation practice, engage in small group discussions and participate in Q&A.

Come join us as you learn to live on the edge of your own authentic heart wisdom.....because lets face it.... 

A life with Much Metta is always Much Betta! 


EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION:  $195 (Includes a FREE TICKET for a friend.)

After July 14th: $195.


Day 1:  Friday September 14th 2018 from 7pm - 9pm  

Day 2:  Saturday September 15th 2018 from 10am - 5pm

Meditation for Beginners

 Meditation for Beginners 

West Vancouver
Community Center
Tuesday Evenings

June through September
The Ocean Room

What does meditation training have to do with your most authentic self and living your full potential NOW?  In one word: everything. 

Every human being on the planet is looking for a more meaningful experience of being. This can only manifest in our lives when we open to the depths of this very moment.

Whether you are new to the benefits of meditation or a long-time meditator, our ongoing monthly meditation program offers profound insight and direct experience into the essential nature of our true being and the clearest path towards the most authentic evolving expression of this essence in our everyday life.  

Come learn new transformational techniques and practical tools that foster expansive inward stability, objectivity, non-attachment, and a profound depth of wisdom and understanding that is unknown to the compulsive and conceptual thinking mind.  

You will gain access into how to move beyond hindrances that may arise in your meditation practice and integrate vital pointers that allow your natural state of awareness to more vividly reveal itself to you along your journey of discovery. 

Each unique class consists of a guided meditation offered by one of our trained meditation teachers, higher consciousness teachings, and the opportunity for questions and answers.  We welcome you with a heart wide open.

Instructor: Kjirsten Sigmund

Kjirsten Sigmund is a co-founder of Meditate Vancouver. She is an inspirational teacher and specializes in helping individuals realize their highest potentials. Possessing a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia, Kjirsten helps people master the art of meeting life—with presence, power, and purpose.

Investment: $95 per mo.