Meditate Vancouver — Meditation Classes

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For centuries it has been known that a consistent meditation practice is unequalled in it’s ability to raise ones consciousness.

When we learn how to keep the body still and relaxed through meditation, eventually the mind will follow and open up space for reconnecting with a higher intelligence that supports improved concentration, clarity, insight, increased vital energy flow, creativity, and intuition. Meditate Vancouver offers online guided meditations for those who wish to spend a little more time in silence and self-inquiry.  

Join us online for meditation & more and discover your own inner wisdom, a greater depth of peace and joy, and experience an increased connection to your own essence. 


Randy Purcell

Randy has been meditating and researching consciousness for more than 35 years. He is the president of the board of directors at Unity Centre for Awakening, and dedicates his time to helping others find more happiness through science and wisdom based practices.

Kjirsten Sigmund

Kjirsten is a transformational teacher who specializes in helping individuals realize their highest potential. Possessing a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia, Kjirsten helps people achieve better clarity and balance in their busy lives.

Constance Kellough

Constance Kellough is the Founder of Namaste Publishing. As the publisher of New York Times' Bestsellers like The Power of NOW and A New Earth, Constance is well informed by her multi-decade relationship with Eckhart Tolle—who personally taught her the fine points of Innerbody Meditation.

Colin Hillstrom

Colin enhances select meditation events by playing some of the world's finest sound healing instruments—generating therapeutic benefits that support cellular health. His use of sound vibration helps people shift to higher levels of consciousness. 

What they're saying...

"I’m new to meditation but in the few weeks I’ve been coming here, I’ve been more grounded and connected to everything around me. My life is so peaceful even when bombarded with stress! I look forward every week to my teachings and sessions with Kjirsten! Thank you!"

—Joanne Denis

"Like many people, I have a challenging and often stressful job.  Also, three teenagers can often add to the challenges after a long day. I have found mediation has been extremely helpful in reducing stress, it definitely helps me to be a better parent, it releases more creativity in me and ultimately helps me feel happier and more content with my life." 

—Rob K.

"I’ve been with Meditate Vancouver for over half a year. I keep coming back because each experience leaves within me, a deeply profound feeling of fulfillment and peacefulness. There is deep community. I find it’s a place to be actively inclusive, while tapping into profound teachings and learning empowering meditations. Love is at the heart of Meditate Vancouver.”

Jo Chevin