Join us for an in-city retreat dedicated to the power of the heart—based on timeless wisdom and the latest findings in consciousness research and neuroscience.

with Randy Purcell

Randy has been meditating and researching consciousness for more than 35 years. He is the president of the board of directors at Unity Centre for Awakening, and dedicates his time to helping others find more happiness through science and wisdom based practices.

and Kjirsten Sigmund

Kjirsten is a transformational teacher who specializes in helping individuals realize their highest potential. Possessing a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia, Kjirsten helps people achieve better clarity and balance in their busy lives.

Learn simple yet powerful meditation techniques that decrease stress and give you greater control over your emotional states.

Gain a deep understanding of Metta, the cultivation of loving-kindness, the most powerful meditation technique ever observed by neuroscientists.

The Much Metta Meditation Retreat immersion format helps you not just learn—but integrate—the core principles of effective meditation. You'll learn how to use meditation to reduce stress and anxiety, and engage in small group discussions, guided and introspective meditations, music and more.

Best of all, the practices and perspectives you'll learn at this highly practical retreat are both simple and delightfully habit forming.

Come and learn the meditation practice used by Mathieu Ricard, who according to neuroscientists is the happiest man in the world.

You'll learn how to:

- Dissolve persistent problems

Use the power of your heart in daily life

- Increase your intuition

- Create new brain circuits that make accessing happiness easier

- Develop laser-like focus

- Understand the quantum physics behind your thoughts and vibration

- Shift stories that hold you back

- Learn the art of letting go

- Transform your relationship with life

What they're saying...

"I am forever grateful for the teachings that Randy and Kjirsten provide. Much Metta has allowed my meditation practice to reach incredible new heights.  I found clarity and comfort in knowing how to immediately incorporate loving-kindness meditation into my daily routine. It has brought deepened levels of awareness, compassion and strength within me and to those around me."

—Amber Chirico, JOEY Restaurant Group

"Much Metta is ground breaking. Randy has a wealth of knowledge and is someone who has ignited the bridge from my head to my heart. He weaves science, metaphysics, and spirituality, and I feel at home with Kjirsten's guidance and phenomenal teachings."

—Britt O’Quinn, Radiologist

“I learned how to drop my head into my heart and live with more love and compassion. This class completely transformed my perspective on life and has opened up my heart greatly. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone!”

—Sami Fazio, Student

“Randy is exceptionally clear and concise in his delivery. Metta Meditation opened up a whole new world for me."

—Lynn Duke, Parent

Please note this retreat is non-residential. Accommodations, if needed, are at attendees expense.

Venue & Tickets

Dates: April 12th & 13th

Tickets:  $59

Unity Centre for Awakening
5840 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC

** No one turned away due to lack of funds.  Scholarships available upon request.