Meditate Vancouver — Power over colds & flu

Meditation: Power over colds and flu

By Randy Purcell

You’ll have fewer sick days if you become a meditator—and less suffering if you do catch something. [1]

In a study reported in Scientific American, 150 people were divided into 3 groups. 50 took meditation classes for 8 weeks. 50 jogged for eight weeks under the guidance of an instructor, and a control group of 50 did nothing. The trainings were timed to end at the start of the cold and flu season, which runs from September through May. When the season ended, the researchers were surprised at the magnitude of the effects.

The jogging participants missed 48% fewer days than the control group proving once again—as we all know—exercise is good for us. But what astounded the researchers most was that the meditators missed a whopping 76% fewer work days than the control group. The study showed that meditators had by far the most protection ever reported against such infections, logging 58% fewer sick days than even the joggers.[i]

The severity of colds and flu experienced by intervention groups were significantly decreased compared to the control group as well. When they did come down with a bug, the meditators and joggers both suffered an average of just five days, compared to eight days of suffering in the control group—a 37.2% reduction in sub-optimal days.

[1] Scientific American: Meditate That Cold Away: Practicing meditation or exercising might make you sick less often. November 1, 2012