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Much Metta In-City Meditation Retreat

Using your heart to move from fear to freedom

Join us for a 1.5-day in-city retreat dedicated to the power of the heart—based on timeless wisdom and the latest findings in consciousness research and neuroscience.

Learn simple yet powerful meditation techniques that decrease stress and give you greater control over your emotional states.

Gain a deep understanding of Metta, the cultivation of loving-kindness, the most powerful meditation technique ever observed by neuroscientists.

The Much Metta Meditation Retreat immersion format helps you not just learn—but integrate—the core principles of effective meditation. You'll learn how to use meditation to reduce stress and anxiety, and engage in small group discussions, guided and introspective meditations, music and more.

Best of all, the practices and perspectives you'll learn at this highly practical retreat are both simple and delightfully habit forming.

Vancouver Silent Meditation Day

About This Intensive

In the modern day, with the great proliferation of spiritual teachings, teachers, books, CDs, and YouTube videos, it is so very easy for our spiritual lives to become dominated by a type of spiritual consumerism that neglects the deeper commitments of the heart and mind that are necessary to truly live an awakened life. 

Our primary spiritual task is not to endlessly add to the known (or what we think we know); it is to plumb the depths of the unknown and awaken the always and already enlightened condition to its fullest realization and expression.

This Silent Meditation Day is a time to join together and turn deeply within to practice the ancient injunction to "Be Still and Know." It is a day of silent retreat, meditation, and reflection. The day will include meditation instruction, five periods of meditation (one guided and four silent), and a dharma talk. Join us for this day of responding to the heart's longing.

Weekend Intensives

Weekend Intensives are an opportunity to spend time in silence and inquiry with the sangha.

Each day will include periods of silent meditation, as well as talks exploring various aspects of spiritual awakening and living an awakened life, followed by question-and-answer periods. Please join us and bring your innermost questions or simply sit in the silence and presence of eternal truth.

Silent Meditation Days are a time to join together and turn deeply within to “Be Still and Know.” This day of meditation and reflection will include meditation instruction, several periods of silent sitting (one guided), and a talk.

Brittany O'Quinn

"Much Metta is ground breaking. Randy has a wealth of knowledge and is someone who has ignited the bridge from my head to my heart. He weaves science, metaphysics,, and spirituality, and I feel at home with with Kjirsten's guidance and phenomenal teachings."

—Britt O’Quinn, Radiologist