Uncommon Wisdom

Vancouver Spiritual Retreat & A 4-Day Journey Into The Wisdom of the Soul

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Join Kjirsten Sigmund for an unforgettable journey of advanced spiritual teachings, west coast site tours and personal transformation in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.



Join Kjirsten Sigmund in Vancouver, British Columbia and start the unforgettable journey into yourself.

Come explore the nature of consciousness and understand how to use the ancient wisdom of the sages to master the art of selfless service needed to transform every level of your life experience.

Learn the secrets of the worlds greatest mystics to quickly identify and transform even the most complicated issues you struggle with, so you can create a fundamental and permanent shift towards inspired connection, joy, clarity and success both at personally and professionally.

Journeys with Kjirsten are a time of investigation into the nature of spiritual awakening and the Uncommon Wisdom that manifests into Mastery through "Love in Action"  when we have the courage to look inside for everything.  Each day begins with a period of silence, where the backdrop for the mystery of ourselves can unfold, followed by advanced spiritual teachings, personal growth and transformation and then an opportunity for questions from the audience.

Program Fee

$500 ~ Online Pre -Registration ends January 1st, 2020

*Limited tickets available at this price.

$900 ~ Online Regular Registration ends June 1st, 2020

$1100 ~ Late Registration June 1 -- June 18th, 2020

*Includes a free ticket for a friend.

Reserve your seat now!

Meet Kjirsten

Kjirsten is a Master Teacher and Healer who is gifted with an ability to help people transcend limitations and find more inner-peace and joy in their lives. In addition to a degree in Human Kinetics, Kjirsten has studied meditation, higher consciousness and metaphysics with a wide-range of spiritual teachers, mystics, north and south american shamans, and several fully enlightened beings. She conveys key spiritual principles with a clarity and wisdom that enables frequent epiphanies in others by helping individuals embody the higher intelligence that is ever present, permanent in all things and latent within every being.

Kjirsten is the creator of “Uncommon Wisdom” a 4 day unforgettable journey into yourself focused on exploring the nature of consciousness and the ancient wisdom practices of the sages to master the art of meeting life with presence, power, and purpose.  

She is the co-creator of “the Much Metta experience” a powerful, in person meditation experience focused on exploring the power of the heart—based on ancient wisdom and the latest in neuroscience and quantum physics.

Her recent works also include co-creating the online meditation training program “Innerbody Online”, which is based on the meditation method recommended by Eckhart Tolle in his New York Times #1 Bestseller—The Power of NOW.

Currently Kjirsten is a managing partner at “Meditate Vancouver”, a higher consciousness and meditation events platform based in Vancouver, Canada.  She is also a managing partner at “Meditate Corporate” which offers meditation training and higher consciousness teachings for corporations and executives around the world.

Inspired by a vision for global enlightenment, Kjirsten has dedicated her life to serving humanity with Love Love Love.

 Constance Kellough 

 Founder & Publisher, Namaste Publishing

Publisher of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now & A New Earth 

Master Innerbody Meditation Teacher 


Kjirsten has a deep wisdom and an expansive heart. Her dedication to supporting and serving others is unquestionable.  She shows up and shows us a better way. At times, I have been astounded by the insights and wisdom that come out of her mouth — and spontaneously. If love heals, you are in good hands. 

Uncommon Wisdom LIVE in Vancouver

A 4-day journey into the wisdom of the Soul starting...  

June 18 - 21, 2020

Thursday, 10:00am - Sunday 7:00pm

Hosted by Meditate Vancouver

City: Vancouver, Canada

Location: TBA

Program Fee

$500 ~ Online Pre -Registration ends January 1st, 2020

*Limited tickets available at this price. 

$900 ~ Online Regular Registration ends June 1st, 2020

$1100 ~ Late Registration June 1 -- June 18th, 2020

*Includes a free ticket for a friend.

Reserve your seat now!

*Due to the nature of how consciousness works there will be no refunds once you have registered as the healing process and workshop will have started energetically.  Only attend this event if you are ready to show up for your life. :)

Dana Pederson 

Wife & Mother & Soccer Player


Kjirsten is a powerful and gifted healer.  She has a Grace for getting to the root cause of any event, limiting belief system, old trauma or challenge that may be causing you some form of emotional, mental, or spiritual suffering in your life.  She will hold a tremendously vast and sacred space to help you move through and transform any undesirable energies that may be holding you back from your highest light.  With a unique ability to give you a higher consciousness perspective on the situation at hand, I believe her true gift is one of seeing you for who you truly are and helping to awaken you to the same wisdom.  

Much love and gratitude to you Kjirsty.

Come Experience New Depths of Consciousness.  

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