Meditate Vancouver — Vancouver Silent Meditation Day

Vancouver Silent Meditation Day

About This Intensive

In the modern day, with the great proliferation of spiritual teachings, teachers, books, CDs, and YouTube videos, it is so very easy for our spiritual lives to become dominated by a type of spiritual consumerism that neglects the deeper commitments of the heart and mind that are necessary to truly live an awakened life.

Our primary spiritual task is not to endlessly add to the known (or what we think we know); it is to plumb the depths of the unknown and awaken the always and already enlightened condition to its fullest realization and expression.

This Silent Meditation Day is a time to join together and turn deeply within to practice the ancient injunction to "Be Still and Know." It is a day of silent retreat, meditation, and reflection. The day will include meditation instruction, five periods of meditation (one guided and four silent), and a dharma talk. Join us for this day of responding to the heart's longing.